Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Applique Academy

This close up of my hand quilting should give you an idea of how I approach my own work and the way I will approach my instruction of the hand quilting class. I have sandwiched the main conference class sample in between the two quilting views so my students learn that making a quilt is a package. From beginning to end, design concept, fabric selection, construction of the top, choosing a quilting design, marking, basting and quilting, adding the binding, and lastly the label. leave out even one step, no quilt.

I am pretty excited to be going to the Applique Academy for my sixth year as an instructor and for the fifteenth anniversary of the Academy. It is always fun but this should be a special year. For me this will likely be my last year so I am hoping it will be my best. My main conference class is "Pretty in Pink, Yellow and Red" It is a full class and should be great fun as we will be working a three day workshop taught over four days. I am definitely at an advantage as a teacher. It is a wonderful way to present all your information so everyone goes home prepared to complete there version of my design.

In addition, I was asked to teach a hand quilting workshop. I have done that before but not for a long time. When I got my mind around the idea that anyone who signed up would be looking for me to share my ideas and techniques, everything came together and I am so looking forward to this two day class. While Pretty in Pink is full there are still eight places in the hand quilting class. I would love to share this experience with you. The Academy in Williamsburg is held in a hotel across the street from the college of William and Mary and two blocks from Colonial Williamsburg. It doesn't get any better.

Happy New Year to you and those you love and love you back---- Nadine


Anonymous said...

Wish I could go with you, Mom. ~Kelly said...

Beautiful photos of beyond-the-beyond quilts!!! LOVE to see this on your blog.