Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Have Had Better Days

Believe me I will not be upset if you pass this post by! I will probably take it down soon anyway. I am just disillusioned these days by those who victimized others, who feel no guilt for what they do. As many of you know, I am the parent of an adult with developmental disabilities. Dan is not perfect, no one is, but he is kind and friendly and willing to help out others. Unfortunately, this can mean he is often taken advantage of. A couple of weeks ago as is my habit I visited Danny with his usual weekly money. Grocery money, money to eat out one evening, and cash for every day. He gets four dollars a day to spend on soda, etc. This was taken care of on Sunday night. On Monday around noon he was calling to remind me that he needed his money for the week. His support staff was coming and he needed the money soon! I argued with him but he was so upset I finally went over to his apartment. Sure enough all the money was gone. I emptied my wallet so he could shop and asked a few questions. Turns out he has been befriended by a young man living in the same complex. This guy often borrows from Danny and uses his phone and hangs out in his apartment. He was there that morning, and he was there the next Monday morning before eight o'clock. . Told Danny he needed to use his phone because his truck was not running. By nine  I was getting a call that all his daily money was once again gone. I have changed whet we do for grocery money and eating out money or that would probably be gone as well. Danny lives on seven hundred dollars a month. This was devastating!

If you are familiar with the innocence of many of the disabled you will understand why this can happen. What I don't understand is the person who thinks this behavior is okay. This is one of those times when I have to say I am done. I hope you are having a better month than I am. I know things will get better and it could be worse.