Sunday, November 15, 2009


Just one more tidbit for now. My daughter gave us a beautiful granddaughter and then when she married three years ago we acquired granddaughters by marriage. yay. So related to that birthday I spoke of earlier is a gift from two special little girls. I addition to a really cute pair of Sponge Bob Square Pants pajamas my car was also "tagged" by those same little girls. Enjoy


Having dispatched October with a post about the trip to Quilt Festival in Houston, I am now into November with another birthday to report. Sigh.......... (68) Disney remembered, as did TGIF, Macy's, JCPenney, well you get the idea. Okay this was an especially nice birthday this year and really, I simply want to share my birthday cake. Well, not literally as of course the cake is long gone. We have a really wonderful bakery not very far away. My husband who tries very hard, but often waits too long, remembered this year to order the BD cake at least two weeks ahead of time. This bakery is really popular and sometimes at holidays, a month is more realistic. The cakes not only look wonderful, they are really delicious! So enjoy the pictures and remember, the cakes at Charm city cakes can cost as much or more than $1000. Beth's Bakery, so much less. Happy Birthday to all of you.


I know! I am terrible at keeping current on this blog thing. I really do think about it and check often to see if there are any patient people still watching. Needless to say, there are not many of you, but I love you more for your loyalty and so once more I promise to try harder once again.
Halloween was a fun day here in MO. For one thing for the first time since we moved here six years ago, the evening was relatively warm and we had quite a few trick or treaters. One of my favorites was a group of three young people dressed as mimes who "said " trick or treat in sign language! How cool is that? Of course my very favorites were the children in the neighborhood looking god as Luke Skywalker, Queen Elizabeth, fairies, hobos, and many more. This was our first year to have children driven in to the neighborhood from what I can only assume are poorer areas. I have to say they were sweet, charming and fun. I was able to greet them this year with and old relative of mine. She is a little the worse for wear as she passed in the late 1800's and resides for most of the year in Mincy Cemetery, a half hour south of here. What I know about her is that she was a merry sort of soul and while originally designed to be scary, she does miss the mark because she simply will not stop smiling despite dozens of spiders and a few small mice. Isophenia is simply a great fan of Halloween. By the way, just in case you ere confused, she is the one on the left!!!