Sunday, November 15, 2009


Having dispatched October with a post about the trip to Quilt Festival in Houston, I am now into November with another birthday to report. Sigh.......... (68) Disney remembered, as did TGIF, Macy's, JCPenney, well you get the idea. Okay this was an especially nice birthday this year and really, I simply want to share my birthday cake. Well, not literally as of course the cake is long gone. We have a really wonderful bakery not very far away. My husband who tries very hard, but often waits too long, remembered this year to order the BD cake at least two weeks ahead of time. This bakery is really popular and sometimes at holidays, a month is more realistic. The cakes not only look wonderful, they are really delicious! So enjoy the pictures and remember, the cakes at Charm city cakes can cost as much or more than $1000. Beth's Bakery, so much less. Happy Birthday to all of you.

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Karen Burns said...

I want cake!! OK, maybe just a taste of that frosting. I have often thought that Charm City could do a beauty of a cake with a Baltimore pattern........ Your cake is REALLY pretty. Glad to hear that the birthday was a good one! Another trip around the sun......