Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Auntie Green quilt, Still a work in progress

I just know that everyone of the other quilters involved in this project are way ahead. Perhaps even finished with the applique, and maybe the quilting is also finished! Okay. a little over the top I suppose. True, I do not have a lot of quilting time these days but I know the solution is to stay the course. many years ago I worked for a company named Sunset Designs. I was hired to stitch four color work, simply said the pieces I stitched were to photographed for pattern covers. best work required. Later I was moved to new product development where I worked with artists and designers. In this case perfection was not required, but good interpretation was required.
I met a lovely woman in that department and once when I asked her how she accomplished so much. Now is when I should tell you that she had only one arm. She told us she threaded at least one needle every day and stitched at least that much. And so that is what I will try to do with this quilt.

I am a fairly conservative quilter when it comes to fabric choices but I decided to move out of the box for this quilt. The original quilt artist used prints for virtually every motif. I like to use prints that read like a print but are not. However, I decided to honor the original artist and do the same. My choices may be a little more whimsical what with polka dot leaves, etc, but I am beginning like enjoy this step out of my very controlled box.

The little circles in the top photo are simply cut from fabric and appliqued in place. So far the stems are made from bias tubes though I quite like doing needle turn. I will continue to work and share and hope I hear from you.