Sunday, March 11, 2012

Slowly and Perhaps not Surely!

It is probable I think that many of you have not seen anyone work as slowly as I have on this project. I seem to be running a Tortoise and Hare race and I think we all know which is me. I would like to say however that slow or not I love this quilt and believe the original artist was ahead of her time. I believe she gloried in the making. Slow I may be but I can hardly wait to ove on to the next corner and I suspect many of you are thinking finaly! Me too, actually.

I thought I would share a close up because I want you to see some of my strategy up close. From the beginning I was intent on including some broiderie Perse work in this quilt. I so thoroughly enjoyed the roses in the center bouquet I intend to use the technique wherever appropriate. In addition, I would like to point out that the small flowers on the left have blue ultra suede centers.
Also I confess that the tiny flower in between the two blue flowers at the top also has ultra suede. The leaves are teeny tiny and I decided I would rather use the ultra suede that be unable to make that particular flower perfect because of the small size. Finally, don't you just love those blue flowers? Broidery Perse again. I cut the roses from fabric taking care to leave a quarter inch all around. I turned under one eighth leaving a nice eighth inch to frame the flower.

Please remember to share something you are working on. For me show and tell has always been more fun that anything else. Happy quilting.