Thursday, July 19, 2012

LibbyLu, Fast Forward 2012

 LibbyLu graduated from middle school a few weeks ago. There was a lot of talk among the girls about graduation dresses, dresses for graduation dance, and well you get the idea. She asked me if I would help her make her own dress for graduation. You can imagine how happy that made me. The last two years have made these kinds of activities difficult to pull off but here we were with a window. So, to pull it off we had to find a pattern, so a trip to JoAnns. I was pretty impressed with her choice of a classic dress. Now I didn't say we wouldn't shorten the skirt. I know the rules. Above she is holding the back of the dress together to humor me when I wanted to take a photo. Nice smile though.

The dress is finished but not the story so bare with me a little longer. LibbyLu has had a mind of her own for a very long time now so i made up my mind to be patient this time so we could both enjoy our project. However, I needn't have worried. She was willing to listen  to everything. So, my first suggestion was that she trace all the pattern parts she needed for her dress on vellum. You know how it is these days, a pattern is in multiple sizes and if you cut out your size it becomes somewhat impossible to easily cut out a different size. So she traced and cut out her size, As we went through the process, she stitched every seam except the one for the arm facing and she cut it perfectly so it fit without a single  problem. Towards the end I realized that I have not sewn for myself for years. So I turned to my daughter Kelly. She did the zipper. yay!  We are three generations on this project. It makes my heart sing. With all that said she looks proud and to her Mimi, adorable.  Another reminder, take time to sew with your children. You will not be sorry and they will take away memories to share with their own children. Thank you for coming by. I know I do not post often enough to hold your interest. Life gets in the way but believe me I miss you.


 I have been wanting to talk about my granddaughter's first efforts at sewing. A little older than two years old and loving to go to the fabric stores as well as quilt shops made for an interesting and fun time with her. Above  you can see that she was already interested and willing to listen to Mimi, so she did not get hurt.

But let's get back to the quilt shop. I wanted to make a quilt with LibbyLu and she wanted to choose the fabric herself, arrange and rearrange the three inch squares every evening, test out the response of her dolls by placing the squares on the carpet and laying her dolls on top, only to get up the next morning and do it all again. 
Finally, it was decided and I put it together on the machine. About this time her mother weighed in with concern that there were six red squares touching each other and perhaps it would be nicer if the red could be scattered over the whole quilt. LibbyLu and I reminded her that this was her quilt and she had spent a long time coming to a final decision.  I stitched it together with her on my lap making sure I did everything right. Then as you can see in the above photos we tied the quilt together. It was a time I will always cherish. She is fourteen now and not interested in quilting but I think that will change. Perhaps she will make a quilt for her first child, or maybe she will quilt for the reason I do. Maybe she will do it for the shear joy of producing something beautiful. You know it doesn't matter what she does for her heart as long as she does something. Have you made a quilt with a child? No? Oh you have to. Don't forget your boys. Many of them like this experience.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Aunty Green Alive and well

 The photo above is part of the bottom row below the large center block. I continue to be surprised at the variety of fabrics as well as design. This lady was a girl after my own heart as I just love to use as many fabrics as possible in my own work. The above circles use a fabric that looks a little the original so pleases me.

 This corner block uses both vintage look fabrics as well as a contemporary look used to make those interesting flowers. I like it. I cut the flowers with a seam allowance and used the fabric to turn under rather than drawing a pencil line. Cool!
 I suspect that you already know that I have been using a lot of flowered fabric to construct a look of floral bouquets. What you may not have picked up on is that I have used the same template over and over. The lines in the fabric have a kind of fool the eye appearance. I do love this technique and plan to use it again!
 The original quilt uses a fair amount of a broiderie Perse' look in the applique. I confess I have had a lot of trouble finding this fabric. The red flowers above have been cut from a nice cotton print with little hint of the chintzes we would ordinarily used. I am pleased however with the substitute and will probably use it again.
Okay, I have the center medallion framed and now two sides and a corner. For a couple of weeks I will be setting it aside to work on my "Baltimore On the Prairie" project for 2013 in Omaha, Nebraska. Are you going? Have you been? Oh please, treat yourself. With Tresa Jones as coordinator,
teachers: Nancy Kerns, Jeanne Sullivan and Rita Verroca, award winners all, not to mention myself, I can promise you a wonderful adventure. There is always a fabulous trip to the International Quilt Study center in Lincoln. How can you possibly stay away. I would love to see friends and love to make new ones. I hope to see you and please come introduce yourself and tell me you found out about this here! I can hardly wait for this year in September and am so honored to be asked back for next year. Thank you so much for coming by. I know my personal life gets in the way of my posting on a regular basis and some of you may give up on me. Please believe I treasure your interest and right back at you. I do look at your blogs. You are so talented. I hope to see you soon, Nadine