Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another look

I just thought you would like to have a closer look.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Look What I Found!!

Sometimes life gets in the way and when that happens to me I try to get out of the way. So, last Sunday I checked out my favorite antique stores. I walked through the aisles, not finding very much to interest me, but just enjoying being there. At first I passed by that glass cabinet with only a glimpse of pink and white textiles. As I walked around the rest of the store, I kept thinking about that small folded bundle. So up to the counter to request that glass compartment A2 be opened to allow me to examine what turned out to be a sweet little crib quilt. When opened it was clear this would have to be cleaned as it had water stains and a few darker spots. I knew I would be taking it home. The next day I went to the local quilt shop for Vintage Soak and the quilt went into the solution for the next 24 hours, Not all the spots came out but the quilt is almost pristine. There are seeds inside indicating a soft cotton batting, perhaps carded and spread out on the backing by hand and then layered with the top. be sure you check out the sweet pink and blue prairie point edge!