Monday, July 18, 2011

Did you know

I very rarely take pictures of food, let alone blog about it and this is the second time in a week! However, this time I am going to offer a tip. I hope some of you will be surprised and pleased. However I know I could be putting myself out there and turn out to be the only one who did not know this great idea. So here goes. Even though we check in with one another, it very often turns out to be related to my husbands therapy, quick texts and the like. So because I was lonely for my family I invited them to dinner. Kept it simple with a menu including lasagna, salad and garlic bread. Brownies for dessert. However the whole time I was mentally whining about the brownies. You know what I mean, what's not to like about chocolate? The only thing I can think of is how difficult it is to make a pretty dessert with brownies because getting a clean cut is next to impossible. Or so I thought. The internet is a wonderful thing. it was there I found all kinds of advice about this. At the end of the day the star is that small white, plastic knife. Who knew? Just a tiny bit of chocolate on the knife and very little crumbs hanging around. Either this is a really good thing or I am easily entertained. Perhaps a little of both

Friday, July 15, 2011

Aunty Green, a little progress.

Just checking in with you. I know you think I will never finish but I really like this quilt and will keep at it until done. Come back for another installment in a few weeks. I think I will be moving right along. I again hope you will share some of your work with me.

My thanks to you all

Almost four months into outpatient therapy, frustration and more than a few tears it was time to say thank you. Thank you dear friends for being so kind and writing so many notes of encouragement. In addition my thanks as well to everyone who works so hard to help Dale get well. So I baked cookies and cupcakes. seems like food is universal among those who spend their days caring for others. For the most part we have been blessed with people who really care about those who come through their doors. Not to say that there are not still hard times. This whole thing has been filled with ups and downs, not the least of which came about a month ago. I was cruising along in my life. Times have been hard and stressful but I was managing. Then one day the OT told me that she wanted me to do a series of therapies at home everyday! She said she could only imagine how hard things were and how difficult it would be to add more. Hmmmm it was true. She could only imagine. I shed a lot of tears the next few weeks. I finally decided to be candid and had a conversation with the OT where I told her my concerns about this, I have no training and felt inadequate . I reminded her she was the one with the education. She then told me that she went to school to be able to train people like me to give therapy to their loved ones. I did get in line and now do several therapy's a day. It is only the last week that I decided this was not going away and shed my last tears for now. Well, maybe I do occasionally drop a tear or two. It seems I can manage almost anything as I do have help from family and friends.
The problem that remains is something I can do nothing to change. Over the years my role as the mother of a developmentally disabled child/adult has changed from being a mother to being a care giver. Now I find the same thing has happened in my marriage. I am no longer exactly a mother or a wife. Of all the changes over the last year, this is the most painful. I so miss being a mom and now being a wife. I believe this will change back to some degree but for now, it is what it is. In the meantime, I continue to be grateful for those who care so this week I made cookies. Wish I could do the same for all of you, but in the meantime love to you and yours. Hold them close.because you never know.