Monday, April 9, 2012


Well, to be honest I am of course not finished with the quilt but the center medallion is now almost complete. I say this because I have a little adjustment to make in the corners. The loops are too long. How did that happen? I have no idea. Fortunately, it will be a fairly easy fix. But. sigh, I hate it when that happens. I will muddle through because I will always see if I let it stand. I am excited in any case. progress is always a good thing. if this kind of thing has ever happened to you drop me a line and share. Please don't let me believe I am the only one!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trying to Say the Right Thing

I have struggled for the last few days over something that happened over last week and the weekend following. The beautiful young lady above is my granddaughter, Libbylu. LibbyLu has been a cheerleader for approximately six years. her plan for a long time was to go to college on a cheer scholarship. At one time her goal was to be a cheerleader and a surgeon. These days I am not sure but after all she is only fourteen and has a lot of time and living to do before she has to decide.

I digress, so will get to the point. A week or so ago LibbyLu dislocated both hips during practice. A trip to the Dr, ex-rays, etc revealed that she has a congenital malformation of her hip sockets.
Last weekend was the seasons first competition in Kansas City. The problem was that LibbyLu had been grounded by her primary care doctor as well as the specialist from cheer as well as track. She was and remains devastated .

Now LibbyLu was up front and center so her being grounded from performing was problematic. There was disappointment on all sides, for our girl as well as the rest of the team.

What followed was unbelievable from my standpoint. Many of the parents were pretty angry at LibbyLu as well as her mother. Many wanted LibbyLu to go on. "Can't she just go on this one time?" What could it hurt?" One of the girls told her she was just faking and also said that most of the parents thought so too. The assistant coach saw Libbylu weeping and turned away.

Now this is my point. Would any of those parents risk their own child for a trophy? Gives one pause don't you think? Even if we could separate from the fact that this is a possibly life altering problem for our girl, just what is more important. A trophy or honor?

LibbyLu was there last weekend to support here friends because it was the right thing to do. Did she learn anything last weekend. Sure, it seems she now knows where the unkindness comes from. We all know that children learn their behavior from their parents.

As an aside I would like to tell you that my daughter Kelly posted her own story this morning. A couple of cheer parents saw it and there was Libbylu in the middle again. If you were one who commented just know Kelly pulled the post to protect LibbyLu. Bullying is against the law in MO. I will be looking into that.