Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Constitution Center

I saw so much in the historic district. I walked where Benjamin Franklin walked, stood in the hall where the Constitution was hammered out, held my breath in front of the Liberty bell and shed tears as I viewed a monument in memory of the emigration of the Irish during the devastating famine. I, like so many others, wish I had asked more questions of my mother. Her mother, Nancy Elizabeth Hampton Bates was a first generation American, a tiny Black Irish spit fire, who died when my mother was only eight years old. In the end, for this post, I have decided to share several posters I photographed in The Constitution Center' massive foyer.


Karen Burns said...

I love history. My husband's family were the black haired Irish immigrants during the famine, too. It is amazing to even try to comprehend their hardships. Thanks for sharing parts of this historic town. (If buildings could talk....)


Anonymous said...

Look at your stat counter? How cool is that? I had a great time, Mom. I am so glad you came along. Ready for Louisville? Love you, ~Kelly

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