Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just a word of caution

Just want you to know why my car is wearing plastic and duck tape. My husband spent a couple of days in KC doing holiday shopping we cannot do where we live. Lovely days in the Crown Center as well as an attempt at shopping in the evening at Park Place a beautiful outdoor shopping center, which was foiled by a dramatic drop in temperature which lead us to put off those plans for the next morning. All was not lost however as The Cheesecake Factory is of course and inside experience and we had a wonderful dinner. Too full for dessert, but because it was so cold the car trunk was a perfect place for take out. When we were ready to spend the next morning shopping, my husband went out to bring the car around front. That's when we found out that someone had used a pry bar to break the driver's side window and steal our GPS. The irony of this is that while my husband disagreed with me in principal that GPS units were being stolen a lot, he usually remembered to take it out and did not give me a hard time if I was the one to bring it inside. He's a believer now. The interesting thing is that the trunk was full of shopping. I am so grateful that they were not after things like that. They did not even unlock the door, just reached inside. We got some advice from the police. First of all GPS thefts are at an all time high and even removing the unit may not be enough. You have to remove everything including the cord and also don't leave any evidence of the suction cup on your window. They are looking for that. We feel lucky and I wish you a safe holiday as well

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