Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas is a time for sharing

I found this Christmas ornament in a shop in Kansas City a few days ago. It seems to admonish us all to remember that this is supposed to be fun. So, I wish you fun and want to share my holiday preparations with you.
Don't want you to think this is my holiday window, just hope you get to see the Tiffany windows near you. This is exquisite! The young lady has a tiara of diamonds. The reins are white gold and the gifts decorations are also diamonds. This is a particularly small window and everything else is paper cuts.
This is my tree without a topper as we are struggling with using the angel we have had for 48 years. She is falling apart but we cannot decide whether to let that happen or place her under a glass dome and replace her or leave the tree top bare.

Look closely, you will see that this is very worn.

Her wings are almost gone, but I love this quirky little angel we found in an upscale florist shop just before our fors Christmas together as a married couple of eight months

My sister sent this magnet snowman home from CA with me last spring. He does look happy don't you think?

Some of the nicest things on my tree are the decorations given to me and made for me by friends and family. This sweet little snowman was made by dear friend Karen B.

This stocking was a gift from Nancy T. and Kristina B. They were my employers at the quilt shop I worked at for several years.

Later, the shop was sold to Vilma S., lee Ellen C., and Debbie M. This lovely cross stitch Carolina Lily is their work.

My dear friend Jody is fighting a heroic battle for her health. Last year she make this darling ornament for me.

This gang of good fellows was made in the seventies by my mother. Mom never learned how to read a crochet pattern, but she could figure out what to do when she saw something she wanted to re-create. My children played with them and my granddaughter played with them. My mother, who passed away too early in 1981 would love knowing that.

This little stocking was also made by mom.

This bell also hangs on my tree. I could never let it go as it was made by my mother. Dorothy Jewell Bates

My friend Gordy drew my name in an ornament exchange for a work party many years ago. he made this wonderful star for me to hang on my tree.

I have few ornaments of my own to share. This smocked ball ornament was a one time attempt. I like it but did not have to make any more.

This santa was fun. The little rag is only an inch and a half tall, yikes!! Fun

He is pretty cute don't you think?

Okay, now be kind. These are photos are of my children, Kelly and Danny. It was the seventies. I was in my sequin phase and decoupage was my friend. Just look at those sweet faces. In addition there were at least four more sets. Grandparents and aunties you know?

The felt ornaments are also projects of mine. In those days the felt was soft and pliable and so easy to work with. made in the late seventies, early eighties, with the exception of the rocking horse, they look the same today. The horse faded.

Last, what Christmas is all about in families. The children. This is Miss Libby, my only grandchild. However, when they are this good, one is enough don't you think. I want to wish you all the best of holidays. Please continue to check in with me as I love hearing from you. I will be getting back to sharing my quilting after the holidaysand cannot wait to show you my studio at last. Nadine


Anonymous said...

I love Grandma's ornaments and characters. Both the crochet buddies and the felt ornaments are in vogue again...you go Mom! The tree is beautiful as always. I am hoping someone will be able to tell us the name brand. I will continue to watch ebay for a replacement. What will I do this year if I don't get to put the angel on the tree? It's tradition. I love you. ~Kelly

Karen Burns said...

So much to see, so many ornaments and so little time :-) Perhaps your dear angel just needs some new wings??? I am so happy that you are blogging more now. The tree looks fabulous!!


Purple Pam said...

I love your ornaments. It is so fun to reminisce while decorating the tree. Sorry to hear about the break in and theft from your car. I am glad, too, that your shopping was not noticed and taken as well.

Danny said...

Wow, who is that cute little boy in the ball? He sure is a handsome guy....

Anonymous said...