Sunday, December 27, 2009

A little more Christmas.

For forty eight years I have made cookies at Christmas for family and friends. It has taken me a long time and I am still not a pastry chef. but this year I think I have successfully put together a plate that even I believe to be pretty. I especially like the mittens. It gives such pleasure to send out my son danny and his dad, with cookies for the neighborhood children.

I thought you might like a close up. Actually, I like the close up, so you are kind of stuck with it.

This is our Libby with Papa getting ready for some target practice at the local Bass Pro shop. It seems ridiculous to call it a shop since it is huge, but there you are. I hope Libby remembers in the years to come all the Papa days when he would pick her up after school and take her where ever she wished. Important things first, as school is hard work and one is very hungry at day's end. And so, a trip to McDonald's in the early days for apple slices or a parfait, these days for donuts at Krispy Cream or Braum's for ice cream. Let's not forget the memorable afternoon I came home to a fabulous tee pee in the back yard. Did I mention it was covered with the paper used to cushion china on it's way from CA to our new home in the mid-west. Underneath, four of my longest quilt frame poles with a pile of wood inside covered with foil and a shop light hooked up to make it look like a wood fire inside. Oh, I have to rat papa out as Libby was wearing great grandma's mink jacket!These days they often hit the flea markets and thrift stores. That girl likes to get a bargain!

Back to the holidays. Above are the fruits of gingerbread labor. From left to right. Aubrey's sweet cabin with of course, Santa's feet and legs sticking out of the chimney! Then there is Grace' two story home for children. Don't you love it? last but not least is Libby's house. She has been deemed the icicle expert and has earned the title as you can see. It would be incomplete without the peace signs on the roof and the puppy in the dog house. These girls have certainly honed their craft.

You sometimes want to be careful just who you invite to your ginger bread house party. Men do not always work out, if you know what I mean. This outhouse is my son-in-law, John's idea of Christmas, or not. Pretty funny.

And of course, here is Lucy. Four month's old and already reaching for the candy canes. She is not my great granddaughter by blood but certainly by heart. She has so many people in her life to love her that she will never lack for arms to hold her and lips to kiss her. You go Lucy!


Anonymous said...

Libby acts cool, but she loves Papa day and she will never, ever forget. I will make sure of it. ~Kelly

John said...

Considering myself to be something of an expert - I've been EATING Christmas cookies for fifty-some years - I have to say that these were some of the best ever. Beautiful, certainly, but mighty tasty as well. Keep up the good work (and the generosity). said...

Awesome plate of cookies there! I did not bake this year. I used crutches as my excuse :-)

What a tender photo you captured of Libby and Dale.