Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just a little more history

Before I leave Philadelphia for awhile and continue on to Christmas, I just want to share a little more of the historic district in Philadelphia. I found myself especially take with the Liberty bell exhibit. It is in it's own new building now with many displays giving the history of this important American icon. The day I visited, there were a lot of school groups and while they were out and about from school to have a good time, something happened when they came to the end of the hall and were standing in front of the bell. The laughter and loud voices came to a halt and there was quiet. Then, soft requests for photos standing in front of the bell. No one left right away. The first photo is an ex-ray taken of the bell. Any time it is moved and ex-ray is taken to ensure any damage is found early. The second picture features a huge number of soldiers standing at attention in a formation of the bell. Finally the bell itself. If you haven't been to Philadelphia, I hope you will choose to go, walk where George Washington walked, explore the area where Benjamin Franklin made his home, Stand in Independence hall and hear the whispers of history in that 300 hundred year old building. Visit the Constitution center. One of my favorite things there was Signer's Hall. I walked among life sized statues of the 39 delegates who signed the constitution and three who didn't. I signed it. It was kind of eerie walking around. There were times I felt I was being wached only to turn around and find myself face to face with a sculpture.
Oh and on a lighter note, my daughter and I visited the biggest Macy's store and probably one of the first, just a couple of blocks from the hotel. They were decorated for Christmas with a huge tree and the biggest pipe organ in the world. The organist was practicing the evening we were there. Loud but great. In addition we had lunch/breakfast at Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar Cafe. Did we order omelets or sandwiches or salad? Nooooooo.......! Kelly had Cinnamon Apple and White Truffle Cream French Toast with sugar spiced pecans, and warm Toffee sauce. Yum! I had Illegal Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Pancakes with 60% dark chocolate truffle cream, milk chocolate shavings and caramelized bananas. In addition, we each had two tiny beakers of chocolate sauce, white and dark. Trust me it is worth the trip. If you do make the trip or have already been, let me know what you think.

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Karen Burns said...

I love history! I think I'd also love that french toast :-)