Sunday, September 4, 2011

Aunty Green September 2011

Well, things are pretty slow in the quilting department so have decided to share as I go rather than waiting to finish a section. I am quilting on the fly these days so not sure I will always be happy with the result. For this section I have only the one corner pattern and will have to draft my own for the other corners. I guess I will have to see how that goes. I know I am better than my ninth grade teacher thought I was but it will still be a struggle for me. Mrs Anton took me aside at the end of the semester and told me I was a delight, the kind of student any teacher would love to have but this was an art class and I was simply not up to it. Well, Mrs Anton I think I did find my art and because of you I spent most of my life in pursuit of just that.

This is a fascinating, complex pattern and in some ways I think I may not be up to it. Oh, I can do the work, but my time is somewhat limited these days and while the stitching is not difficult, it is still a little hard to have all the starts and stops connected with the care of a loved one.

But enough about that. What I want to share is the reason for my fabric choices. I am using a background that is a subtle tone on tone print in a buttery yellow. It is a departure from the original quilt but okay I think. As I study my photo of the quilt I am taken with the variety both in design and color of the fabrics. It is almost as if she had decided to make a charm quilt and that charms me. So, I will continue to add as many different fabrics as I can.

I am headed for Baltimore on the Prairie on Tuesday and hope to see you there. I will take pictures and share when I return home. Thank you for dropping by.


susis quilts said...

dear nadine,that looks very pretty,happy stitching,susi

Elizabeth Ann said...

I love the fabrics that you have chosen, especially the polka dot leaves. I think it is sad that a teacher (or a parent)would discourage a young person to do anything. Who knows when their talent might just show up - some people discover they can draw or paint very late in their life. I know taking care of the love of your life is so very important but I am glad that you can spend a few moments each day on your beautiful quilts! Enjoy your trip - lucky students!

Dawn said...

Looks very pretty! I got as far as cutting the leaves for the oval. I'm doing kind os a turquoise green.
Thank you so much for your inspiration!

Purple Pam said...

Have a great trip and enjoy yourself. Bring back lots of photos.

Heather said...

I love this quilt and wish I could find a pattern. I have been looking for months, any suggestions? Your work is just stunning.