Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baltimore on the Prairie

I am getting ready for the conference "Baltimore on the Prairie." I am excited and a little chagrined that I have not addressed this year's program sooner. As I wind down in this part of my life working less away from home, I have come to treasure the time I spend at Eugene T Mahoney state park with a group of mostly women who love applique as much as I do. I wish you all could be there next week. Beautiful setting with a view of the Platte river. More than that, there will be quilts, lots of quilts. The photo above represents my workshops. On the left, my four day workshop, An Eagle in my Garden. The wreath in the center is embroidery and silk ribbon. The wreath on the right is cut work applique and is a one day workshop. Only three techniques, needle turn, perfect (?) circles and embroidered stems.

Okay, of course I know this is a kitchen counter. I also remember that I have a 500 square foot studio upstairs. The thing is that I need to be near my husband. He has given up taking chances for the most part but things still happen. However things still happen. Day before yesterday I walked into the kitchen knowing he was asleep in the living room in his wheel chair with the remote still in his hand ( sometimes he changes the channel in his sleep. Have you got one of those?) I swear i was gone for about a minute, When I came back, he was on the floor! Sigh... Seems he leaned a little to far and slid to the floor. So now we agree, no sleeping in that chair.
he has dodged five such falls since he came home. Did not get hurt. Long story short, I don't leave him alone much. Getting back to business, what you see is the beginning process I employ when making kits for my classes.

I always try to include items that are usually not available in the local fabric or quilt store. For instance in the above picture you see a small scrap of a favorite fabric with two chenille needles. Where I live, I was unable to buy those needles so got on the internet and ordered them from Clover. When people travel a long distance it is nice to find what you need at the conference.
Now last but not least is this to die for silk ribbon. This is another item no longer available in Springfield MO. Again the internet is my friend. These beauties will find their way into the kits I am composing even if I am getting a late start.

I do wish you were coming. be sure to look up the BOTP web sight for next years offerings. That's what I said, you can see what is happening next September!! Do not miss out. You will be sorry you missed the quilts, the friends, the view. I hope some of you will be there this year. Find me and tell me you heard from me on blogger. I always travel with chocolate!


Elizabeth Ann said...

I would love to be there with you, your pieces are stunning! I took a class from you in Pleaston and enjoyed every moment. Have a wonderful time and just maybe next year I can come too! said...

So nice to see your preparations. And the Aunt Green corner you have done is magnificent. I know your life is hardly your own, but you are a strong person and greatly admired by me.