Sunday, September 18, 2011

Still thinking about my trip to the International Study Center

I am still going over in my mind the quick trip we made to the museum in Lincoln NE. First of all it is an incredibly beautiful facility. It was built entirely green and therefor a point of pride to those involved in it's creation. It is dedicated to the preservation and sharing of the richly diverse collection. What it means to someone like me is that there are many vintage quilts. I learned early on that was where my heart would always land. Our trip this year was pretty quick and I would have enjoyed a longer stay, but nevertheless enjoyable. The quilt seen above was a real favorite of mine. I wish you could see it first hand as it is exquisitely crafted. The maker was especially gifted. Of course it doesn't hurt that this is red and green, my favorite pallet. Those red flowers with the reverse applique slits add a new level of interest for me.

If I ever get the chance to make a quilt like this, I would definitely like to use a form of this border. On this side alone there is an eagle, a cornucopia filled with flowers from which the vine is escaping and stars . At the top of the quilt a vase containing more flowers and an extension of the beautiful vine. Take the opportunity to click on the image and catch your breath in the beauty of the quilting. No matter what the quilting is always my favorite. Okay. I admit it everything about a quilt such as this one is always my favorite. yes, I love it all. Thanks for coming. I hope you keep returning.


Mary Ann Jones said...

A fabulous quilt! I will be visiting the museum next Thursday and am eager to see this as well as other of the quilts.
Mary Ann

Purple Pam said...

What a beautiful quilt. Thank you for sharing. Glad you had a great time at Baltimore on the Prairie. Wish I lived close enough to visit the museum.

antique quilter said...

thank you for sharing this quilt with us. It is just soooo beautiful I love the border too, the eagle is wonderful but the basket on the top intrigues me!
the hand quilting is to die for.
I am so happy that you allowed us to click on the pictures and really see the details
its a dream of mine to go to Lincoln and just admire so many of the quilts they have.
hopefully I will be there when its a red and white applique exhibit!
Kathie said...

The quilt is a masterpiece. The museum sounds amazing. Hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt, I went to the Study centre in 2010 and loved it.
I am coming again to the US this year and will take part in your classes at Baltimore on the Prairie.
Looking forward to it very much