Friday, December 31, 2010

End of Week Two

Well we are at the end of week two in the skilled nursing facility. It has been at times stressful, at times rewarding. I begin my days there between eight and nine and go home between nine and ten in the evening. Most days I stop and get Danny so he can spend a few hours with his dad. He remains remarkably kind and gentle with his dad. It comes as no surprise because he has the heart of a care taker. he once had a room mate with epilepsy who occasionally had seizures when the guys were on their own and Danny knew what to do and did it. Of course one of the reasons he likes coming is he has great affection for the therapy staff. They seem like a great group of kind, concerned people.

The first week was a little rocky for me. We came from the hospital with a boot for dale's left leg, a splint for his left arm to control the curling of his fingers, and a brace for his shoulder. It appeared that no one at the facility knew how to use these things. it took almost the whole first week for there to be continuity in that part of his care. The boot has what we are calling a kick stand and it is rarely used. Makes the boot kind of useless. Working on it. The most upsetting of all is that in the first few days no one used a belt to to transfer Dale from bed or back to bed. The majority of them actually put their hand under his left arm. I have to say I got more than testy the day that two aides told me they were not trained to use the belt. I spoke to anyone who would listen.

Not as stressful but annoying is that in that first week they lost more than two thirds of his clothing!

Things are improving, but I still need to be there and no apologies. We had both Christmas and Dale's Birthday this last week. Christmas was pretty nice though not our traditional party. Dale tires easily so he was in and out a couple of times, but he really loved having his family around. He keeps telling me I don't have to spend so much time there, but I know it helps him to feel safe and cared for. I gave him a lap top as a Christmas gift and he is a little excited but not ready and doesn't have the stamina to do anything with it yet, but soon perhaps. Our son-in-law was so helpful, setting it up and loading Dale's favorite flying game and researching the latest version of that game. John is a very caring and kind man.

This week for the first time we are hearing that there is real improvement in Dale's swallow. I did not think you would be too excited by an example of actual swallow therapy, hence the above picture. Swallow, get it? Of course you do! We are on the way to losing that peg! He still has a way to go but finally there is real hope for the loss of that tube. Being able to eat is crucial to his coming home and his well being.

I just want to thank all who have expressed support for my family. We are so grateful for each of you. I wish for you all even a fraction of the love coming our way.


Anonymous said...

Sending blessings for you and yours in 2011.
And prayers for a return to good health for your husband.
LadyBaltimore (an old applique friend from Livermore) said...

Swallow. I get it. You must be loopy with tiredness :-) This progress is SO GOOD! Yeah, Dale, he is a fighter - and so are you.

I wish for more improvement and more progress as this New Year begins.


Sarah Jane said...

News such as this is so encouraging for you all and I wish you well for the coming months. Just one step at a time, however small, is the way to go. Jan

Margaret said...

You must have a wonderful collection of these old greeting cards. Love them!

Do you take along some applique while you are visiting your husband?


Sharon Stroud said...

Nadine: You will never regret one minute that you spend with Dale. No apologies are necessary--family first always. Sometimes good news comes slowly--but slow and steady wins the race. My thoughts are prayers are with you and your family. May 2011 see continued improvement and a return home for Dale. Sharon

AdyQuilts said...

My thoughts are with you - whishing a steady and continuous improvement.
Ady (in Israel)

friscodebbie said...

Hi Nadine: I was in your main class last year at Applique Academy. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.