Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The days are long

Now, he rarely wears a necktie but would tell you that when he does, the best part of the day is when he can remove it. That is much like his relationship with the feeding tube he has sported for almost two weeks. One of the problems that came with having a stroke was that he simply could not eat enough food to sustain his health. He said he was never hungry, began refusing meals so the tube was certainly a life line. yesterday after a barium swallow test the doctor approached us with the suggestion that he remove the feeding tube and replace it with a "peg." We agreed and now he will get nourishment directly through his stomach. This is scary, feels a little like giving up. However, the truth is that the feeding tube was interfering with the swallow therapy as his throat is very narrow. Now the swallow therapy should be easier. Dale? he is more than ready to get rid of the tube that has kept his throat so sore for the last weeks. As I write this I can look up and see him sleeping soundly and looking more comfortable than I have seen in weeks.

We have had a somewhat friendly rivalry going for almost twenty years. I keep him in line by maintaining that men are high maintenance and therefore I am not doing this again. If I happen to live the longest I tell him, "I am not looking to have another man to pick up after, train, flatter, well you get the idea." He more than half believes I am telling the truth so he has a scenario of his very own. He has decided if for any reason we are no longer together, he will rent space at a large quilt show and display my quilting things. He says he has grown accustomed to the quirks and eccentricities of a quilter so he believes staying in the genre will be easiest to do. He will display "my featherweights, quilt frame, silk ribbon, embroidered samplers, fabric stash. vintage sewing collectibles, and most of all my quilts." It is at this point i give him the "look" and he backs down a little. That "look" appears to be genetic as my mom had it and so does the daughter and now the twelve year old granddaughter! Just yesterday he told me that he hopes I never believed any of that nonsense as he sees only my face in his future. We are among the lucky ones. Forty -nine years and counting.


Anonymous said...

The fabric is mine, I tell you, mine. :)~Kelly said...

I claim none. Just your friendship.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you both, Nadine. Nancy Enault