Saturday, September 4, 2010

Margaret, this is for you!

I read every comment on my blog and am so grateful for those of you who take the time to comment. It is wonderful to see your work and hear about your lives. Recently when it came time to draw names for the winner of my give away I cam across a comment from Margaret. She loves cats and wanted to see my son Danny's cat since I mentioned that Samantha is 22 years old. So Margaret, this is for you, and for anyone else loves animals. Samantha came to Danny through his sister Kelly. She knew that Danny wanted a pet and she had a friend with new kittens. We could say that the rest is history, but we would be leaving out a lot of information. First of all it needs to be said that Sam or "My sweetie" as Danny calls her. Of course he calls a lot of the women in his life "sweetie." Samantha is half pure Siamese and half feral so we weren't sure how life would be. She did bite Danny's dad a fair amount over the years, he claimed it because he would play with and tease her. She bit me severely twice, both times when I had the audacity to check on her when she was freaking out because she saw a strange cat through the window to the back yard. I guess as an indoor cat she had little experience with strange felines. That second time she nearly lost her happy home. Danny was living on his own by that time and couldn't have pets so Sam continued to live with us. Danny goes to all vet appointments and never fails to find her the minute he walks in my door. When he calls each morning it is to ask about his "sweetie" Sam is pretty old now and sleeps almost all the time. The vet says there is not much wrong, nothing to treat, she is simply aging. She will be 23 on Halloween day. Dan's dad and I worry about Danny. He will miss her so much. As a developmentally disabled adult he has had much loss in his life and this will be a hard one. But in the meantime, she still loves her head scratched and he still loves to do it!


antique quilter said...

oh thats amazing I never heard of a cat living that long.
Maybe she just knows Danny needs her in his life.
lets hope she lives a few more years.

Margaret said...

Hi, Nadine. What a wonderful picture of Danny and his furry friend! It's wonderful to have a friend that long! (I hope someone is doing some legwork on a replacement kitty/or cat should he need a new friend.) My cat, Mandu, is such fun!

Anonymous said...

See Mom? Margaret thinks Dan will need a new friend soon....:) How a bout a Toto dog? ~Kelly said...

What a great photo! Cat looks well loved sitting where she it. Many people have suggested that Claire get a pet, but we just don't see that happening.