Monday, January 12, 2009

2008 Grouseland Old Tippecanoe Contest

Quite by accident, a few days ago I turned a page in The Quilter magazine to find a photograph of a block I had entered in a contest posed by the Grouseland Foundation in Vincennes Indiana. I had been encouraged to enter by my friend Judy Morton, a moving force in the block challenge. We were encouraged to use traditional patterns or design our own. I came across Susan McCord's wonderful Harrison Rose design and knew at once this would by my entry. Of course her rendition was very large and mine needed to be small so the finished square is 1/4 the size of the original.
I was surprised and thrilled when I received a call from Judy to announce that I had won second prize! Each of the committee members was kind enough to get on the phone and congratulate me personally. I was invited to come for the presentation and show. I was sceptical, but my husband said, "How can you not go?" So we got in the car and went!! I am so glad I did. They were so glad to see me and i was made to feel like a celebrity. I met many of the other participants and attended the quilt show.
I also must say that it is fun to see some of my work in print.


Anonymous said...

Mom - I love it! I am so proud of you...always! ~Kelly

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was just tagged by fellow blogger, Miri. I was never very good at playing tag. I just couldn’t run fast enough to tag anyone else. So, even though I have a bad tag record, I am going to give it a try. TAG YOU’RE IT!

As a new blogger, I am aware that many of you are blogging, parenting, running businesses and more. I know your time is precious. My post for this tag, with directions, will post on Wednesday, January 28. I will link your blog and your shoppe if you have one. If we are going to tag one another we should use this fun to promote readership and business.

I would like your permission to use a photograph from your blog to further emphasize how great your work is. Let me know if this is not okay. I am sensitive to copyright issues and know you want to be represented well, even if on a little blog like mine.
This is certainly optional. You are not obligated to play along.

Thank you,


Nadine Thompson said...

Well, I am not sure how to do this, but am happy to have you use anything you think might be interesting to your readers. let me know what you think would be useful. Mom

Anonymous said...

How fun to find your blog, Nadine! (Thank you Tresa!) I had seen your block in the magazine and silently congratulated I can do it outloud! Yay, Nadine!! Loved, loved, loved the ones from the previous post too!
An old friend from California,
Pam Fisher

Miri said...

Hi Nadine,
I'm so glad to find your blog (through Kelly). Your work is very beautiful-I love applique and BA is very close to my heart.