Monday, August 13, 2012

Freddy Lake

On skis.

On Saturday last we got ourselves out of bed early, had breakfast, did our obligatory exercizes including towel slides, walking and stretches. We headed over to Dan's apartment and were on the road. We were headed to Hartville MO. for a day in the sun and perhaps an adventure. As many of you know my husband and the love of my life has been in a wheel chair for almost two years.

So when we heard of an adaptive water ski clinic, we decided to have a look.  We found ourselves surrounded by dozens of folks just like us looking to add a little adventure to our lives.

The top photo is of me, Dale and our son Danny. The woman behind the camera is our Daughter, Kelly.  What began as a maybe became a you better believe it. I am so proud of Dale. He has had such a hard 18 months. He skied around the lake twice.  The grin on his face when he came out of the water was priceless! He was tired and turned down a second ride, but at almost seventy three years old, he was the oldest participant. Go dale

It would be remiss of me not to say more about the volunteers. There were students from MSU. Mizzoo, Mercy hospital and many more.

U can Ski 2 was the affiliated ski club. Awesome! Now maybe we will find a group of canoe people who will know how to get my guy back into that wonderful cedar strip canoe he loves so much.

My complements to ATOP, the group who thought up this wonderful function. If you know someone who could benefit from this activity, make sure they know about this wonderful program.


Anonymous said...

That is just COOL....perfect way to spend a hot summer day... go Dale go!

PamKittyMorning said...

Wow how awesome! Nadine, you look exactly the same as when you left, you haven't aged a second!!! xo

Sharon Stroud said...

Kudos to all! How exciting for Dale! And how wonderful of those who sponsor and help with this program. It gives one hope!