Monday, August 16, 2010

And The winner Is

Okay when I wrote this the first time I was sure I had it all together and this would appear at two o'clock today. apparently I was wrong and if it appears twice. I will remove one of the posts as soon as I find it. Computers!!! In any case I began the day excited and looking forward to this moment.
As you can see the entries are in the bowl and ready to be drawn. I looked around for something suitable and finally decided on my favorite green depression glass bowl. This one is Cameo and so pretty.
This pleasant looking guy is my husband of 49 years. he was a little unsure about his role as it involved combing his hair and donning a clean shirt. but he gave in when Dan's 22 year old cat Samantha simply gave me the stink eye when asked to participate. In any case the winner is Sherry of Country Wings in Phoenix!! Congratulations Sherry and and I do hope you enjoy the basket as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks to all of you who came by and entered my first, but not last giveaway. It has been so much fun. I hope you continue to stop by.

Sherry, send me your address to and I will mail the basket post haste.

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Unknown said...

wonderful! Congratulations to Sherry.
Lucky girl and enjoy it.