Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A long hot humid summer

Just in case you haven't noticed, the front door is red!I have wanted a red door for some time and so early last month I made the leap and shopped the local home stores and bought primer and paint. The original color was the same as the shutters, a faded teal. Looks really pretty good from this distance don't you think?

This is closer of course and boy the red is really standing out! The color, by the way is Martha Stewart's Lady Bug Red. Hm mm, there is something really familiar about this shade of red.

Oh, my gosh! Of course, it totally matches my husbands car. The jeep!!! Oh well, it is really red and there is nothing I can do about it, or more to the point, there is nothing I am willing to do about it. After one coat of primer and three coats of paint, which is still not enough when viewed close-up, I am done. It was a hot humid day. Each coat taking twice the predicted time to dry. Do I have painter's remorse? Of course. The last time I trusted my own judgement, well I don't remember the last time. So the door is red. Want to make something of it? Just kidding!

I also thought I should share more of what is going on, on the porch, front and back. We moved into this house almost eight years ago and I knew immediately that wicker was going to be the material of choice for outdoor furniture. This swing is on the front porch and when the weather settles, I love to read and swing, drifting an hour or two away.

Lots of chairs needed so these two rest to the right of the front door. haven't decided on a table yet, but will soon. I love the idea of simple outdoor rooms.

Around the corner, a great comfortable rocking chair. This corner is special because in mid-afternoon the sun is blocked by a red-bud tree and a beautiful Japanese maple. It will soon have a light blue green table re purposed from an old rusty milk can. That is where you will find me reading and enjoying my flowers most afternoons. Well, when I am not swinging.

This is my back porch. The furniture represents the first piece purchase almost eight years ago. We arrived here in mid-November. In between days and weeks of unpacking and assimilating ourselves into the community, I would take breaks and place myself in the little rocking chair to read and regroup. One afternoon in particular stands out as pleasurable in a big way. It was November after all, but there was a warm, not hot, not cold summer like rain. The water came down gently and was so soothing. If it wasn't 101* with a heat index of 106*, I might be there even now.
Another angle on that same corner. We have beautiful trees. can you see the park bench we have placed under two of them?
Last is the wicker on the deck. My husband is trying to refinish that deck, but have to wait for cooler weather. The humidity has prevented us from using the deck much. The cushions have lived in storage much of the summer because until a couple of weeks ago, a sunny day would turn into a dark stormy afternoon soaking anything in it's path. I hope you have noticed the cushions as we go. Every two years or so, I have recovered them as that is about as long as the fabric lasts in terms of color. This was one of those replacement years and I hit the lottery when it comes to this year's choice. I love the polka dots. My best find for this ever. If the heat is bad where you are, please take care. Mowing the lawn is not worth heat stroke. You are important to me and I suspect many others. More soon.


Elaine said...

Your porch looks lovely. It goes great with the door. You're doing much better than me at replacing cushions. Mine are faded and may be faded a while longer.

Sharon Stroud said...

Wow! I love the red door! Do you think this heat wave will ever end? I am tired of everything taking forever to dry and of things being damp to the touch.

I tried to get my husband to build the porches to our house first and then add the house between them--he said no! My porches are 8 feet deep and 32 feet long--I just love a porch! I'll be watching for your contest too! Sharon

PamKittyMorning said...

Oh Nadine, it looks so wonderful. I love the red. I can't believe it's been 8 years. xo

Kathy said...

Nadine,love your red door. It really suits the house. Now when are you going to paint the shutters red?

Eileen said...

Love your porch!!!!!!!! And your quilts!!!!!!! said...

Red is great! Cheerful, happy, eye popping, wow. Looks totally great on the door as well as the cushions and umbrella. Think I'll just stop by, knock on that door, and sit down with you for a while :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your red door, Nadine! Great color choice.
And the red polka dot cushions. Your outdoor spaces are wonderful!!!
Nancy (I used to live two doors down from Joyce in Northern Calif. Just moved to northern Alabama and I love it)

Mary in MN said...

Wow! I love your door and all of the polka dots!

See you in a few weeks in Nebraska!!!