Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Paducah and a few of my favorite things

I know it has been too long since I last posted and I hope you are still watching. It has been a long month and I have not felt that I have much to say on the positive end of things. Going to the Paducah quilt show did lift my spirits for awhile, but still I wrote nothing. But here I am again and hope to be posting and a regular basis once again. This is Valeta Hensley, a friend of mine and member of the same TAS group and her major prize winning quilt, "Fashionable Ladies of the Twenties". Valeta's work is always original and impeccable. This really is one of my favorite quilts at paducah. Way to go Valeta! I believe she is going to show our group how she makes these beautiful faces and I will be in line for that.
This is "Tea With Miss D" by Sandra Leichner. This quilt caught my eye when I realized that in addition to the tea pot in the center there are cupcakes in the corners and borders of pretty little spoons with bows. sweet. Now if I weren't so tired tonight i would correct the little issue of the detail pictures of the above information is below the following two quilts. have a look and be kind, I am tired!
This is "Mountain Holly and the Rare Red-Berried Mistletoe" by Jan Cunningham. I was taken in by the scalloped edge and am always a sucker for berries and mistletoe.
"Indiana Starburst" By Judy Morton, Lydia stoll and Miriam Graber is a lovely jewel. The applique is flawless and this interpretation of a much loved vintage design, perfect.
Remember "Tea With D" shown above. here are the close ups I promised. In addition to those really cute spoons, if you look closely, you will see strawberry tarts. There also buttons, a personal favorite of mine.

Another view of the same quilt reveals the addition of tea bags and those adorable cupcakes. I love this quilt!

"Animal Book" bu Magumi Mizuno of Japan is a really charming quilt that adults and children alike were drawn to linger. Every square inch has something charming to say.

"The sweet memories are Forever in my Heart" is a beautiful interpretation of a vintage American quilt. perfectly done.

"Always a bloom In My Garden" caught my eye because of the great workmanship and the energy caused by the diagonal sashing. It is also a happy quilt. Made by Hazel Ashworth.
The Paducah show was memorable and really fun. It was so interesting to wander through the Expo and a little scary to walk through the enormous pavilion. It was kind of like a blow up tent on steroids! Seriously through, it solved a big problem for the venue and provided the extra room needed for smaller exhibits as well as space for more vendors. Nothing wrong with that!


Margaret said...

Thanks for sharing your images of Paducah! I've never been able to attend. The quilts are wonderful!

Kathy said...

Beautiful quilts. Makes my heart sing to see the talent of quilts still surging in modern times.