Saturday, March 6, 2010

Please sign the pledge

I know, I have promised to share my studio and I am truly beginning to organize for just that. Winter days do not allow for good pictures and so I have delayed having fun with my very special space. In the mean time, I just want to push an agenda that means a lot to me. My husband would say that I have a lot of those and he indeed right about that. This week on the Oprah Winfrey show, Oprah has spoken a lot about her own agenda regarding being on the phone while driving and especially about texting while driving. She is asking all of us to sign a pledge to not text or even to hold a phone to our ear while driving. I am hoping that you will go to and sign up to be safe and save our own as well as our loved one's lives. I am asking my family and hope you will ask yours as well. Where I live the powers that be have made it illegal for young people to text while driving. On the other hand, someone my age (68), no problem. How crazy is that? I will say that there are mumblings in the state capitol of a law to ban everyone from speaking on a hand held phone or texting while driving. Duhhhhh!!!!. Please think about the dangers involved and save a life, maybe your own.


Anonymous said... are right! Right, right, right! ~Kelly

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Miriam said...

Thank you for this message!

I have the icon on my blog