Monday, October 19, 2009


Home from Houston Quilt Festival and excited by all I saw! I will share more of that in a few days. Today I want to talk about Pacific International Quilt Festival and my quilt " In My Garden"
I have not had a quilt to enter in competition in many years. Life gets in the way and time flies and suddenly it has been ten years, This quilt has been in the making for more than ten years and frankly I did not expect to do well with it. However, this morning I found it online and so here it is. It will belong to my daughter Kelly, when I have finished playing with it. I think she will be as happy as I am.


Karen Burns said...

WOO-HOO! Looks like you are back in a big way. Congratulations, my friend!!


Anonymous said...


I stopped in my tracks when I saw your quilt! Congratulations on your win at PIQF. It is so deserved.

I don't know if you remember me, but you were my applique instructor years ago when you lived in the Bay Area. Your precise applique skills have been a model for me all these years.

Penny Tucker

P.S. May I post the picture of your quilt on my blog?

annielizabeth said...

Oh My, What beautiful art you create, really, really lovely! I understand about "Where does the time go"? I thought I'd have more time when my kids grew up (just not true, where'd I get that idea?). Please keep making your beautiful quilts and sharing them with us!