Saturday, March 28, 2009

Top Of The Day

Friday march 27, 2009 and I was on my way with my husband to Broken Arrow Oklahoma. I always look forward to MOKA (Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas). We now meet three times a year to share quilts, to study quilts and to learn as much as possible about women's history surrounding quilts. This meeting was to be about quilts made during the depression. We were aware that there would be weather today and the above photo was taken at eight this morning. The white spots are not reflections, the flakes were very large most of the day.
The Oklahoma group did a fantastic job under less that optimal conditions. First of all, because of bad weather, the members from Kansas did not attend. They were dealing with their own weather. I am the only Missouri member and their were only four women from Arkansas. We had around thirty when we are used to anywhere between fifty to eighty. Their speaker for Saturday could not get to the meeting. Nevertheless acting with grace under fire, they put together a great program, including a morning of quilt study, using family quilts brought to share. My hat's off to you Oklahoma. Over the next few days I will share pictures and more information. This is a fabulous group. You should join us.

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