Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baltimore on the Prarie 2013

Having returned from Baltimore on the Prairie in Omaha Nebraska a few weeks ago I am still thinking and remembering my wonderful experience there. As an instructor I have the pleasure of sharing my joy in making quilts. Over the last few years I have concentrated mostly on Baltimore applique and and frankly any kind of applique. At BOTP, students can indulge themselves in lovely choices with something for everyone. I am pretty traditional with a world of wonderful quilts made in the past for inspiration.   My classes next year include the Bird in the Bush block nestled in the lower left corner above and is my main conference class. The one day offering is second in the top row. It is called "The Way We Were". A catchy title if I do say so myself, but the name serves a purpose. I grew up the oldest of ten children and at my mother's side. We washed on Monday, ironed on Tuesday and well you get the idea. That is the way we were. Today's reality is clearly different, but you can still re-create that time in this project. A little embroidery, a little applique. It gets no better.

Now I cannot speak for the other great instructors except to say they are all first rate. It keeps getting better and better. Nancy Kerns brings lovely applique to the table with her beautiful vase of flowers in the bottom row second block. Beautiful! In the top row third square is a gorgeous slightly contemporary spray of flowers. You need to see this one close up, it is breath taking.

Jeanne Sullivan is very popular at BOTP and with good reason. Her work is lovely and absolutely meticulous. She will take you through a variety of special techniques. her blocks appear on the top row, left and the bottom row right. Look closely at both. It will take your breath away.

Don't forget Rita Verroca.  Next year she will be offering two special classes using the Broiderie perse techniques as well as regular applique. Her classes are very popular and well received. her color sense is right on and her skills are wonderful. Her samples are shown in top row fourth block and bottom row third block.

Okay, now you know a little about next year and I really hope to see you there. Truth is the instructors often have more fun than the students and that is saying a lot. Come, spend a few days and i bet you will come back again and again!   Let me know what you think, what you would do and what you would like to see. Happy, happy stitching, Nadine



Kathy said...

I love your talent Nadine. I am so proud of you. The other blocks were beautiful and show much talent as well.

Anonymous said...

You are the best teacher of all offense to the others, but I am a bit biased. ~Kelly

Teresa Rawson said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience...either as a teacher or student. The blocks at the top our out of this world!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)