Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I have really talented friends

I am so lucky to have so many talented friends in my life. One of these is Jeanne Sullivan. She is an amazing quilt artist and has won the Northcott fabric challenge for a number of years. She has been working on her book for the last couple of years and it will soon be on the market for all to share. I am personally looking forward to working my way through the entire book and perhaps improving my own skills. Jeanne has an incredible and very tiny berry I am hoping to see in the book just to find out if I can recreate it. Okay I am also hoping to add to my own work with the skill sets I know are in this book. Now, at three o'clock this afternoon I waltzed over to   jeannesullivandesign.com and signed up for my own copy. Jeanne has wonderful sewing items for sale as well as applique items and more. I know this seems like a commercial but sometimes you just have to celebrate for a friend.  See you there


Heather said...

Thanks for sharing, I will head right over to check it out!

Teresa Rawson said...

Oooo! That new book sounds GREAT! I am all about the applique these days with this music project I am working on...thanks for the heads up on the book! I hope it comes out soon!

In stitches, Teresa :o)

Kathy said...

Nadine, your friend sounds like she is as talented as you are. What a treasure to have a friend like that.