Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sometimes there is Joy

As many of you already know this last year and a half has been difficult for our family. Having said that there have been moments of real joy. A daughter and son-in-law who have stepped up and stepped forward to help in every way possible. Joy! A son who when he was convinced his dad was not going to die stepped up to care for the hero in his life. Joy! A grandchild by family who rarely gives a hug who always hugs her papa coming and going. Joy! Grand daughters by marriage who visit by choice and have conversations with papa that make him laugh. Joy! And then there is LuLu at the top of this story. It would take all day to tell you about LuLu so I will share a few highlights. She is a precious, smart little girl. She is the fifteen month old who walked down the hallway of the skilled nursing facility calling "papa, papa, where are you papa?" Upon entering the room she would head for the electronics which in this case meant the panel of buttons that operated the hospital bed! She is the little girl, who, when she sees you will run across the room and throw herself into your arms. Often she will tell you how happy she is to see you, her words not mine. Did I mention she is only two? There is also a rumor that she sings gospel. Oh Joy! As it turns out she is also a world class Christmas package opener as the photo above attests. I think the Hello Kitty on that gift bag really had a ride!! Such Joy. I am so grateful for my family. Even in the midst of chaos one still needs the Joy. Thank you for mine.


Anonymous said...

Isn't my grandbaby a smart girl? She gets that and her good looks and silliness from me. :) ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Kathy said...

She is so sweet. It is always good when you have a baby in the family. Enjoy that sweet girl. Soon she will be asking you for keys to the car. Love, Kathy