Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today I am Seventy

Well, the days get away from us all at times but I must say this is a big one for me. When, how did I become seventy years old and have it turn out to be a surprise to me? I knew it was coming, as it is one of those inevitable things for all of us. So here it is and I find myself wondering where fifty went! I suppose we all had moms that told us year after year that they were only 29, again. I know mine did. Over time as I grew older I realized that perhaps my generation really was younger than the one that came before. I can certainly see that in my children's lives . They are younger seeming and also more attuned to technology. That doesn't even address the grandchildren. Our thirteen year old has been able to do a power point for years, me not so much. She keeps Mimi and papa in line for the most part.

This last year and a half has been difficult, and I do feel I have aged more than I might have under different circumstances but nevertheless I still wake up most mornings thinking initially once more that I am fifty. It could be denial I suppose but I don't think so. I am grateful to be as healthy as I am. Life could be so much more difficult.

Life does go on and so I share the flower above. I didn't plant it, I don't know where it came from, but it made me feel better that day. I passed the planter almost every day and saw the stem and leaves evolve and would often think that the next time I come out here I should pull that weed. Understand that in addition to losing a large number of my perenials last winter due to really cold weather, I have not had time to garden a whole lot so confined what I did do to the front garden. This pretty yellow bloom was the only color in the back yard this year. So happy I did not pull it in it's infancy.


Elaine said...

So how old is your picture. It doesn't make you look near 70 at all. Congratulations. I hope you have had a full life (even amidst sufferings) and have many more years to come.

Liz said...

Happy, happy birthday Nadine, wishing the next year to be quiet, calm and awesome for you..

PamKittyMorning said...

Happy Birthday Nadine! Just got home from Quilt Market.. Mary Ann Jones and I spoke for a moment and talked about you. In the nicest possible way! Hope your day was a sweet one. xo

Elizabeth Ann said...

Wow how awesome is that?? Congratulations on having such a great birthday. This year will be easier on you and just maybe a few wrinkles will ease away. You have had an amazing life (I have seen the great quilts that you have made)and the next 25 years will be just as wonderful! Happy Birthday TO You!!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to you. I hope your next year will be better than the last. Your quilts inspire me so much.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday mom. You don't look a day over 50 and your heart will always be 29! You are the best mother a daughter could wish for. ~Kelly said...

Where does the time go? When did those years slip through our fingers? Questions I'm sure others ask, not just me. Things will turn around - after the first of the year, I'm telling myself. In fact, I'm just going to go ahead and believe it :-)

Birthday hugs to you, Nadine.
Where did you scatter your acorns?


Purple Pam said...

Yes, what happened to my fifties? Time is passing much faster now, and I cannot figure out where it went, and why!

Happy Belated Birthday.