Saturday, October 30, 2010


Just thought I would drop by and thank everyone for your kind concern. We are moving along slowly in getting our world in order. Dale has been fortunate in finding a primary care doctor he can relate to, thanks to the help of our daughter and a nursing friend of hers, we are beginning to think things will be alright. Thank you Elizabeth. We have a plan. Dale is feeling better about his health and I am breathing again!

I couldn't let Halloween pass without commenting on the holiday. When i was growing up, it was somewhat rare for anyone I knew to actually buy a costume. Sometimes costumes were home sewn but it was more likely that we would put together something from our own closets. I am the oldest of ten, four girls and six boys. There was a lot of trading going on, but basically since it was all about the candy we were not too concerned about what we wore. . I don't recall being anything but a gypsy and my brothers were cowboys or hobos. Did I tell you it all about candy and fun and being scared? There was a big old house in the town where I grew up and it had a great reputation of being haunted. Mrs Ferris, the little old lady who lived there, did nothing to dispel the rumors that she dabbled in witch craft. When we knocked, that is if we dared to knock, we were invited in for hot cider, candy apples, popcorn, etc. The house was dark with candles to light the room and all the furniture was covered with black. The rumors circulating among the young were that her husband simply vanished one night. It seemed he was a very mean person and so she finally had enough and turned him into a toad. it seemed credible at the time because especially on Halloween we could hear him croaking. Now be kind! Remember, it really was a more innocent time. Children could for the most part go out trick or treating safely. They could accept home made cookies and candies safely, etc. And we could pretend to be scared of the haunted house. we were pretending, weren't we? By the time I turned twelve, I knew she was simply a lonely widow with no money and a home that grew more dilapidated every year with giant weeping willow trees that partially shrouded the house in an eerie way on Halloween night.

I grew up sewing my own clothing so it wasn't a stretch for me to make costumes every year for my children. My son was a tiger, an astronaut, Evil Knievel,etc. Our daughter was a gypsy, a princess, a Gibson girl and both so much more. Together they were Minnie and Mickey mouse.

This year I will open my door to Twilight vampires, the Jonas brothers, Nemo, witches, princesses, spider man, pirates, super heroes, ghosts, batman, and the occasional wookie. I will not be handing out apples, oranges unwrapped candy or home made cookies. But I will be having fun with each opening of my door an adventure.

Happy Halloween to all of you


Becky said...

Nadine... that is such wonderful news that your hubby is doing and feeling better! ~ Thank you for sharing your wonderful Halloween memories, too! Loved them! :)

Anonymous said...

Great stories, Mom. Halloween was double fun this year. Libby came home saying our house has reached Halloween celebrity status at her school. She had a blast, well, after she took the itchy wig off. Love you, Kelloy