Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I do sometimes cook

Last fall when I went to Philadelphia with my daughter, I certainly enjoyed the sights in the historic area. In walking distance, I spent my days absorbing our history while Kelly attended her writing conference. However, we did have almost a whole day at the end of the week before heading for the airport and home.

This was the day we had breakfast/lunch at Max Brenners Chocolate cafe. Yum! In addition we were in an area where a lot of high end boutiques and stores. What did we enjoy the most apart from lunch/ breakfast? William Sonoma! Sorry, we do not have one here. I cannot understand why but it is the sorry truth of our condition. That is where we found Kitchen Aids 90th anniversary limited edition, candy apple red mixer with a glass bowl! I really wanted that mixer. I think Kelly wanted it too. We both own a Kitchen Aid mixer, mine more than 35 years old, hers more than twenty. Three hundred and forty dollars. Both of our mixers are in great condition so no real excuse to buy one. Having said all that, I cannot express how thrilled I was to finally find the glass bowl in Branson at the The Tanger Mall! I am so excited to be able to see all of what is going on when I am mixing pastries, icings, etc.

Now if any of this sounds strange I will give a brief explanation. The women in my family play board games, do jig saw puzzles, collect cookie cutters and unusual baking pans and dishes, sew, love, love, love office supplies, and possess a gene for collecting vintage china and glassware. It could be worse I suppose. What if we had an affinity for trolls?


Sharon Stroud said...

I still have a couple of the old (I mean really old) trolls! Sewed clothes for them, have them displayed year round. I mean really we could be out doing some serious damage--not just collecting things. I guess I got the "troll" gene, along with several others you are claiming! Could we have been separated at birth?

Taryn said...

Who can resist red and a glass bowl. My kitchen aid mixer is about 10 years old an is a gem. No rooom for two but would buy the red if ther was.

Karen Burns said...

I am really liking that glass bowl myself. I think it would look great with my green kitchen aid mixer. Good for you, now you can see all those sugar granules as they are combined with that stick of butter :-)


Pam said...

Oh, crumb....I have the blue mixer, but no glass bowl. I am jealous!!!! Please, Nadine, no trolls....although remember the AVQ challenge that had troll fabric in it? Wonder where my quilt is? I suspect, long gone!

Anonymous said...

Oh. Then I should let the trolls out of the basement???? Yikes! Love you, Mom! Yes, I liked the mixer too and want the bowl too! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Purple Pam said...

I have an 20 year old white mixer, but I would buy one in purple if I found one!

I have read Whiplash and really enjoyed it.

PamKittyMorning said...

Just wanted to say hi! I found your blog via your daughters as she won a prize off anotherblog I read. I am so happy to find you here. I was at a brunch with Joyce Moss and we were just talking about you on the 4th! Glad to be able to catch up. I can' t believe your granddaughter is so grown up, she was in her stroller the only time I saw her at GTP and she laughed and giggled with me while you guys talked. xopam

Kathy said...

I would love to get the red mixer and bowl. But alas I don't bake like you do Nadine. If I did, I would buy it in a NY minute.

Quilter Jones said...

Hi Nadine -
I read your blog regularly and love knowing how things are going in your life. When Becky bought her Kitchen Aid mixer, she got a red one - calls it a 49er red!
Love, Mary Ann