Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Snow Day Birthday

Friday began with a decision to delay Kelly's birthday for at least one day because serious snow was predicted. We still had snow on the ground from the last storm and having filled the bird feeders, I was prepared to enjoy the day's visitors.

By Saturday morning, our world looked like this, but the snow had stopped. We had at least five inches and it was lovely. So we made a plan to celebrate the next day. I ramped up the preparation for dinner on Sunday. I baked cupcakes and a giant cup cake. Dinner menu was to include pot roast, (her favorite ), roast potatoes and carrots, broccoli, Aunt Bee's salad, a salad with romaine, blueberries, candied almonds, mandarin oranges and a tangy dressing. I was good to go.

An emergency trip to the grocery store by my husband turned out to be a boon for me. In addition to the unsalted butter, I was the recipient of beautiful roses in the middle of winter. Dale has always been generous with flowers, particularly white roses. My wedding bouquet was white roses and so it means a great deal.

So, in the afternoon was filled with adults and children having a great time! Snow was flying everywhere and laughter filled the air. I spent time taking pictures from the porch and checking on the progress in the kitchen. The above picture is of Libby who had been sledding in the ditch. The rest of the crowd discovered her and began lobbing snow balls. So, off the sled and position it to repel and protect. Pretty funny and pretty resourceful, I think!

Danny, John, Aubrey, and kelly, the birthday girl. John is in the middle of throwing a snowball at Miss Libby. Danny, where is your coat??

Kelly, Danny, and Dale, AKA known as Honey, Dad, and Papa. Okay Danny, when you left the house you had a coat, hat and gloves!

Libby and Danny. Is he acting as a shield? Maybe he just threw a snowball at John? I don't know, but it is a nice picture.

The yard looks a lot different her don't you think? I did tell the girls they would have to return the yard to it's pristine condition. I don't think that was too much to ask! A day of fun, good food, and a loving Mimi? Just kidding. The end of the snow day part of the celebration turned out to be the creation of this lovely lady. She has hair, a cupcake in her hand, a waist, yay, and glasses. I love it that Libby, Grace and Aubrey created a Snow Mimi! Now she does have a big nose and a small pointy chin and is also short. Since Libby recently grew taller than me and has mentioned that I am kind of short........ What do you think?

So, after dinner, it was time to sing, light candles and give hugs. I know the cake looks odd. I don't always take the best pictures. What you are seeing is the top of the cup-cake, cake. The circles on top were made from fondant. It started out white. It took me over and hour to knead enough red food color into the fondant to make it red. it was worth it because kelly really loved her cup cake.

I include this picture because it was kind of a surprise to see the smoke from the candles lingering in the air. Family, it does not get any better.

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maybe, just maybe, the smoke has something to do with her age?? Just kidding!!!!