Friday, February 11, 2011

The sun is shining today

The sun is shining today so I think I will share some of my favorite things. This pillow for instance is one of my most recent favorites. My plans to refurbish some of the items in my living room came to a screeching halt last November. I am seldom home and almost never during the day. I began looking through the multitude of catalogs I always receive before Christmas. My first purchase was this great pillow. Looks like an applique design and makes me smile when I catch sight of it as I walk by the great black and tan chair it now lives in.There is a vintage quality I always admire.

This fellow now sits in the same chair for photography purposes. As you can probably see, I may be introducing too many textures, what with the pillows, the chair the rug. However, for now it works for me. I will perhaps rethink some of this, just not now. The rabbit reminds me that there are a couple of bunny families residing in the yard somewhere. If there is another such pillow in the collection, I will probably add that to the small collection I now have. I could use some inspiration, so perhaps you will share your current weakness? Dare you!


Kathy said...

Love both pillows. I love pillows. Alas so do my dogs.

Karen said...

The floral piece is a beauty!