Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Project

I have not made a single quilting or applique stitch since early October 2010. goodness knows I have a few unfinished projects that would possibly benefit from my close attention. However, when Gail Chalker invited me to join a small group of women, both American and Australian who were planning to reproduce a lovely vintage quilt made by Aunty Green I simply could not say no. The plan is to gather next year at Baltimore on the Prairie in Omaha NE. with a finished quilt. It was probably a foolish decision considering my families current situation, but nevertheless I said yes. Why not? The first thing I did was to head for Kinkos as I am the American distributor of the pattern copies which arrive by mail. I make full size copies for the group here. For myself, I make a copy thirty percent smaller than the original. I am trying to wean myself off making large quilts. I have so many quilts I want to make. The above quilt is a reproduction of the original.

I have a feeling that you are wondering why there is a photo of a platter right in the middle of a discussion about quilt making. Well, I just wanted to share that if, like me, you sometimes have issues with drawing the perfect patterns,there is almost always a way. I spend a lot of time entering through the back door. I have to come up with ways to make something work. In this case I needed to have an oval, so I decided to draft my own. Well, that did not work. I tried several approaches to no avail. So..., I woke one morning thinking about the various platters I own. I should come clean here and share that there is a several generation gene related to the collecting of dishes, old and new. So when I could not make an oval I was proud of without help, I thought of the platters I own. Some were too big some too small. I chose this one, too tall but exactly right width wise. So traced around each end and joined the ends by extending the lines. The other problem was in drawing and placement of the leaves on that oval. I finally realized that if I divided the oval into four sections, it would be easier to space elements. I do want to point out that there are 96 leaves.

This is my drawing. As you can see in the photograph above this is only the beginning of the quilt. I am already worrying about the next inside border. I am not sure I will be able to draft that chain. Ideas? I would love it if you would share some of your own solutions to problems that you have encountered. In the meantime, I will begin my applique journey with this great quilt.


Kathy said...

Nadine you are so creative and talented, I wish I had inherited just a small part of that gene, too many boys between us I guess. Love this project and love you are taking a little bit of time doing something you love doing. Your sister, Kathy

Mary said...

Love the Aunty Green block and also Queen Mum - I am so glad you are getting back to applique and your hubby is improving. I can't wait to see the finished quilt and the progress on this quilt. I just came back from the applique academy and missed seeing you. I love to follow your blog and your inspiration you give others to applique and sew. Hugs and love, Marilou

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nadine
That is a lovely vintage applique quilt to reproduce. I, too, often use glasses, plates and platters to get a shape I want in designing applique patterns.
As for drafting the chain on the next inside border, I'd still divide the pattern into sections. I found it interesting that the long side of the chain has 12 (even number) units not including the corners and the top/bottom has nine (odd number). So the top/bottom portion will have a half chain unit in the drafting which is a great reference point if you divide the rectangle into quarters.
I will watch your progress on this one with great interest.
Wishing a quick recovery for your husband.
LadyBaltimore (used to live two doors down from Joyce in Livermore)

Meredith said...

I think it will be good for you to have some hand work to work on. It really does help. It is very pretty

PamKittyMorning said...

That quilt is beautiful. I can't wait to see your version unfold. Love to hear about the platter-oval.. I do that kind of thing as well. I would use a cable quilting stencil on that border.. I use the quilting paper when machine quilting and recognize the same design.

Been thinking about you and hoping things are going well in your world. xop

Linda C said...

Hi Nadine,
l am one of the Aussie ladies also working on the quilt. Not much progress in my camp, but l do have the circle stitched on, and hope to make some inroads this weekend, as l will have the house to myself. l look forward to following your progress.

Sharon Stroud said...

Hi, Nadine! I sometimes use freezer paper to draft with. Cut a piece as wide as you want your border to be and as long as one side. In this case you will have to make two--one for the short sides and one for the long sides. (Do the corners separately.) Fold the strips of freezer paper as many times as you need to get the repeats you want. Then you only have to "draw" one link of the chain! I usually staple the layers together before cutting, and I staple in the part that will be left rather than the part that will be cut away; I find it makes it easier to keep all the layers the same size while cutting.

Hope this is clear and that it will help. Can't wait to see your progress. So glad Dale is doing better.

Julee said...

Such fun, doing this repro quilt. As for the cable pattern, try looking at some plastic quilting cable stencils. These seem to be accurate and could make this task easier.

antique quilter said...

as soon as I received the book The Fabric of Society from annette Gero I fell head over heals in love with this quilt.
I am very excited that your going to make this quilt and part of the lucky women chosen to make this quilt as well with Gail. I may have to learn how to draft applique patterns, drawing is NOT my strong suit!
I will watch your progress with envy!
Happy to see your stitching again and finding time for yourself.
I truly enjoy your blog

Anonymous said...

And, you don't have to do dishes! The perfect use for a platter! ~Kelly

Anonymous said...

I've made the decision to work on unfinished projects, since I seem to have a major case of startitis. Your quilts are beautiful!

Margaret said...

I've been very curious about this quilt. This is the first picture I have seen of it. It is very nice!

Purple Pam said...

What fun to participate in such a wonderful project. It is a beautiful quilt.

Margaret said...

I hope you are all OK. I am thinking you are very busy with this new applique project!

Dorothy said...

I am making this quilt too. I have a pattern for the centre up to and including the cable. An Australian quilter made the quilt,it won an award at the Australian Quilt show and then had the pattern printed in the Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine a number of years ago.1989 or 1990. This is what I am working from. I would like to do the next round of large flowers too but would have to draft the pattern. I have progress photos on my blog.