Monday, June 28, 2010

You Have seen This Before

Okay, I know you have seen "In My Garden" before, but I am excited and want to share the moment. I have long admired the Vermont Quilt show and finally entered a quilt. While I have heard that more than ever this show features quilts that have been long-arm quilted, no problem there. There is room for all. However, this show has a reputation for traditional, hand appliqued and hand quilted work and I am thrilled to be a part of that. This show is not juried. They accept the first 200 or so quilts and the judging begins. There is no monetary reward, so the satisfaction is personal. The funny thing is that I have no idea for sure if that small blue ribbon is for first place or not. There are a few other things it could be. If you know or if you find out, I would love to hear from you. Please remember, all you traditional quilters, we haven't stopped making quilts, but we have stopped showing them in numbers to match the machine made work. I want to see your work. I dare you!

Just thought I would come back and bring you up to date on my quilt. I received an email from Janet this morning including a more recent picture of my quilt. I am so excited to see that there are now two ribbons on my quilt. According to Janet the second ribbon is for best Applique. it has been a great day. If I had not entered, I would not be feeling this way. Take a chance. The worst that can happen is that people like me will get to see your art. The best could be a day like I am having. Seems like a win win to me. Thanks Janet!


Elaine said...

Beautiful, beautiful work.

Janet said...

I was at the show on Friday, and spent some time admiring your gorgeous quilt. The ribbon is for first place, and the other ribbon is for "Best Applique."

There were not a lot of first place ribbons!

Pam said...

That is wonderful, Nadine! Two deserved prizes for such a gorgeous quilt!
Pam, out here in hot ol' Arizona

Janet said...

I'm glad I helped make your day!


(un)Deniably Domestic said...

My quilt, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. You might get to keep the ribbons! :) ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Kathy said...

I knew you would win. How could you not? Your unbiased sister, Kathy

Anonymous said...

I was very lucky to see this quilt in person twice. Once in Nashua NH and again at Vermont Quilt Festival. The work is just meticulous and spectacular. I was also very lucky to have Nadine as a teacher in NH for two days. A very sweet, sharing and kind lady.
I cannot explain how happy I was to see this Quilt Win "Best Applique" It is truly stunning. There were many beautiful quilts to view and competition was outstanding. I am so happy your Quilt came back East for a visit again and a win too. Hope you do visit again soon too.

Congrats Nadine !!!! The win was most well deserved.

Huggs, Paula

Purple Pam said...

Congratulations - two awards! WOW! Whenever I see this quilt, I want to get my "in progress" one out and finish it. I am still working on the borders. Love it, love it, love it Nadine. Way to go!

Susie J said...

Love the quilt and have enjoyed your blog. Can you tell me if theee pattern is available or is this one of your designs?
Susie J

Nadine Thompson said...

hi Susie. I was unable to figure out how to contact you using your post so will answer you here and hope you come back to read it. The patterns for the original blocks are a piece o cake design. The center medallion is my own design as is the border,incorporating the original flowers. I did a search for Grandmother's Window patterns and came upon a web sight with downloadable patterns. You should not have a problem with this but come back and ask if you do,

Scrappykat said...

Hi Nadine,

I have visited your blog many times and now I have become a follower. I have attended the Academy and wanted to take a class from you this coming year and was disappointed that you were not going to be teaching. However, maybe next year at Balt. on the Prairie Love your blog.

Marilou in Tx (Scrappykat)