Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have always loved the clouds in the mid-west

I am completely without anything quilty to write about today so you will have to be content with my weather report. Whenever I have traveled in the mid-west to visit family or friends I have been overwhelmed by the beauty of the cloud formations. However this week we have been treated to some very unusual cloud formations. Undulatus Asperatus. I immediately had grave reservations as I live in an area of the country where tornadoes are pretty common. However, this is not the case with these clouds. Yay. The above picture was taken in Aurora MO.

I was intrigued with this phenomenon and so went online to see what I could and found this one in Scotland. It is rare and the last sighting before this week was in the fifties.

This one was in MO. Not my picture but similar to what I saw when I started down my drive way. As I turned south to go over the highway, I saw it again. I have to say that there is something ominous about these clouds. My husband said it reminded him of a scene in an old movie "Ghost Busters." I have to agree. I hope all of you get so see this wonderful product of Mother Natures art


Lisa said...

I love the pictures, and this is my favorite kind of weather, too. Dark and dingy and drizzly.

Margaret said...

I love these unusual clouds. It looks like a master painter was at work!

(Yes, those were my first 2 Baltimore Album quilts.)

Anonymous said...

I think I'd be quilting in the basement...awesome clouds!