Thursday, July 19, 2012


 I have been wanting to talk about my granddaughter's first efforts at sewing. A little older than two years old and loving to go to the fabric stores as well as quilt shops made for an interesting and fun time with her. Above  you can see that she was already interested and willing to listen to Mimi, so she did not get hurt.

But let's get back to the quilt shop. I wanted to make a quilt with LibbyLu and she wanted to choose the fabric herself, arrange and rearrange the three inch squares every evening, test out the response of her dolls by placing the squares on the carpet and laying her dolls on top, only to get up the next morning and do it all again. 
Finally, it was decided and I put it together on the machine. About this time her mother weighed in with concern that there were six red squares touching each other and perhaps it would be nicer if the red could be scattered over the whole quilt. LibbyLu and I reminded her that this was her quilt and she had spent a long time coming to a final decision.  I stitched it together with her on my lap making sure I did everything right. Then as you can see in the above photos we tied the quilt together. It was a time I will always cherish. She is fourteen now and not interested in quilting but I think that will change. Perhaps she will make a quilt for her first child, or maybe she will quilt for the reason I do. Maybe she will do it for the shear joy of producing something beautiful. You know it doesn't matter what she does for her heart as long as she does something. Have you made a quilt with a child? No? Oh you have to. Don't forget your boys. Many of them like this experience.

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Kathy said...

I remember that, and how joyful and happy you were doing it with Libby. Zach and I used to do a lot of baking together, now not so much. He is so involved with boy scouts and swimming lessons and camp this year that we don't get together as much. but next week he will be here and I will talk him into baking something and planting something in the garden!