Monday, April 25, 2011

Our wedding Day

I found the picture of the chapel at Moffett Field in Mountain View California where we were married. There are a lot of photos of the base and of the blimps that used live in gigantic hangers in the Sunnyvale Library archives. One of the interesting things I found out there is that the area behind the alter is set up to revolve to reveal different alters representing as many religious beliefs as possible. Seems lovely to me. We attended many events at the base over the years including many air shows. Our day was sunny and breezy, a great day for beginning our lives together.

Standing with my father, waiting to walk down the aisle. We were both looking pretty young that day. I remember feeling pretty confident at this moment. My choice seemed so right.

Walking to my new life

I was pretty happy. Loved my dress. I had attended a wedding planning event at Emporium Capwells and knew I couldn't afford to buy a dress. That is where I saw the bell sleeve and decided to make my own dress. Scary, but I lucked out, I think. White bridal satin with a lace overlay, a small train and pretty white shoes. My bouquet was in the shape of a cross. I felt pretty.

This is the entire bridal party! Left to right, Rosada Koshak, my matron of honor and dear friend from high school. Next, the bride ( me ). Beside me the cute sailor I married and beside him my brother Robert, chosen to be best man

Saying our vows. Hmmm. I look ecstatic, he looks scared.

Too late to change our minds but no matter, fifty years later we both know the choice would always be each other. How lucky we are. Still in love after all this time.

This is one of my favorite pictures. I miss those hands. For the first couple of years we were married I did some hand modeling. Fun and good for the ego I think.

Remember, I am the oldest and this is my family, minus David who could not be there. So from left to right: Kenneth, Irene, Kathleen, Dad with Doreen in front, Me, Dale, my beautiful mother Dorothy, Robert, Ronald, Bill, and Mark standing in front of mom.

Oh, now he looks happy and not scared. Good move honey!

Dad, me,Dale and Mom

Me, Dale and his mother Marge Kelso. In the end it turns out she did not like me a whole lot but Dale told me from the beginning that I was his family and not to worry about being liked by anyone but him.

Nice couple, don't you think? We left that day in Dale's hunter green MG TF. We were cool in those days. Now, did we always agree? Of course not. Did we argue, even bicker at times.? Of course! We did however, always know that a marriage is work and a good deal of the time we were working. Right now is one of the working times. He is working so hard to get well and I am working hard to be sure he has all the room he needs to do just that. This is not easy for either of us, but worth it I think. The secret to a fifty year marriage if there is one, is that we never once gave up on each other, even at the low points. Thanks for coming by.


Jan said...

Oh, Nadine, a very happy wedding anniversary. What a lovely couple you are and your wedding photos are perfect. I do hope you will be able to have just a small celebration to mark this event. Congratulations.

Teresa said...

LOVELY wedding and dress (I made mine too, so I TOTALLY understand the scary part!)! Congratulations on the 50 years!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Dawn said...

Congratualtions, what a beautiful day to cherish.

Margaret said...

You come from such a handsome family! It is nice that they were all there for you. Congratulations on 50 years! (Next year, we will be celebrating our 50th.) I like the photo of Yosemite. (I grew up near there.)

Sharon Stroud said...

Nadine, thank you for sharing. What a beautiful bride and handsome groom. Dale was definitely right when he chose you to be his life partner. MILs don't always know best ;-)

Here's to 50 more!
Sharon said...

Photos to treasure. Memories to never let go of. Time passes, love does not. Your wedding anniversary is the same as my mom and dad's wedding anniversary.

love you.


Anonymous said...

My parents were maried at Moffett Field in 1948. Both were in the Navy.
I borrowed the picture of the chapel to put on Facebook for Memorial Day.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, I remember attending Mass there in the 70s.